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I honestly hate people who don’t leave voicemails liKE WHY DID YOU CALL ME



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Suicides go up every time a celebrity commits. If you’re thinking of committing, or even self harming yourself, please give these sites a look and numbers a call. We’ll feel for you, how we feel for them.

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My friend just made this status


My friend just made this status

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I think the reason Robin Williams’ death is so painful to many of us is because this is the first time that someone who is unanimously  loved by this entire generation has passed away. There isn’t anyone under 30 who didn’t grow up with him and it’s like losing a relative. 

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you’re the window to my wall

you’re the sweat that drips down my balls

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*gets gay married during the purge*

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reblog if girls are cute and you are afraid 

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Imagine a world where dogs do not exist………


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starting today all blogs without the following image will be deleted within 24 hours


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once i was baking cookies and i got to the egg part and i cracked the egg on the bowl and poured it right into the sink and it took me a second to comprehend what had just happened and once i had recovered i took another egg and did the exact same thing and then i gave up

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this really works for some people (like 10-30 new followers) so give it a try!

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just saw a guy wearing a nirvana t-shirt lmfao i bet cant even name three noble truths of buddhism

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Of course Clark Gregg knows what S.H.I.E.L.D. stands for.

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